Our Approach

At Stowe Management Corporation, your success is our passion. You can count on us to give you the attention you need to leverage untapped assets and achieve each of your goals. Furthermore, you can trust that our California-based business considers every possibility and gives every aspect of your business the attention it deserves. To better understand what this means for you, please read on to learn more about Stowe Management Corporation’s business approach.

Our Major Areas of Focus

Engagement: We believe engagement at all levels with customers, clients, team members, owners/managers and all other stakeholders is essential to productive, profitable, effective, inclusive and peaceful environments. A lack of engagement is a challenge for businesses around the world, creating more than a trillion-dollar loss to bottom lines.

Multi-Generational Approach: As the Baby Boomer generation ages and Millennial talent takes over the workforce, intergenerational interaction has become a leading challenge throughout the business world. Different generations take a unique approach to how things are done, leading to potential issues with business operations. It is important to take this new way of thinking and put it to use at every organization.

Creativity: Using new ways to see things can help solve problems. Today, it is more important than ever before to look beyond what we know. We must create leadership dynamics that tie into all potentials by making everyone a leader in his/her own right.

Holistic Methodology to Change Dynamics: It takes a lot to run a successful business. By following our processes, you will move forward on a path to new heights. We follow different methodologies to help you meet your potential:

  • Information and Project Management
  • Tapping into All Expertise
  • Blending Talent, Knowledge, Inspiration
  • Execution and Achievement

Mark Fowler, President

A Letter from Our President

What Makes Stowe Management Unique

Stowe Management Corporation is a business reengineering firm focused on helping you and your organization succeed. We can help you grow, get out of trouble, merge with or buy another business, help the current generation to transition, create a whole new way to do business and more.

Our theme is the Team. In every project, we focus on creating a team that includes owners, managers, employees, professional advisors and other stakeholders. Our experience demonstrates that, when everyone contributes, we accomplish our tasks more quickly and effectively. And we are an active member of the team. We roll up our sleeves and get things done—we go the extra mile with our clients, working together to make things happen. We bring our knowledge and experience to every situation, plus a wide range of ancillary services and contacts to contribute to your success. By working together, cooperatively and supportively, we can accomplish something that will make everyone proud.

We approach everything from the perspective that every person and every organization is unique. Being unique helps leverage success. We customize our approaches to each situation—we are not in the cookie-cutter business. Our broad and diversified background makes this possible. We have worked with all kinds of businesses: car dealers, music companies, entertainment firms, attorneys, CPAs, distributors, manufacturers, architects, engineers and on and on. This diversity brings a new approach to everything we do. We won’t give you the party line. Instead, we will help you make a unique statement in creating value for you, your clients/customers and your team members. They gain. You win.

A most effective tool in our toolbox is our dedication to conversation. For any project to be successful, we need to find out what is happening, what the potential is and how devoted the staff is to the business. The truth: business succeeds when conversations do. To help create these essential conversations, we often use the S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools from our book: Revolutionary Conversations™—The Tools You Need for the Success You Want. With these Tools in place, we can collaborate to create plans and solutions that far exceed what might be done without them. This process brings about a level of engagement that is essential in instituting real change and ensuring short -and long-term success.

Over the years, we have worked with many good corporate citizens, who know that many lives depend on the way they do business. In the process, not only have the companies been more successful, but we have all had fun along the way. If you have some challenges in your business and want to make real and powerful changes, give us a call. Our team is always ready to lend a hand.

All the best,

Mark H. Fowler
Stowe Management Corporation

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