Employee Engagement—Helping Others Help Each Other

Our first questions to business owners are:

  • How engaged are your team members?
  • How engaged are you?

How important is engagement? According to Gallup, each year in the US, businesses lose $400 to $500 Billion because of disengaged employees. How much are you losing because your team members are not fired up and contributing enough to the well-being and profitability of the business? Are you ready to embrace this opportunity to make a difference for everyone’s well-being? Please click here to see a mini-video on Engagement.

Many times, we see that engagement is a product of how involved the owners/leaders/managers are in the well-being of the business. Often, the leadership is too focused on problems and challenges, both personal and business, or distracted by tangential projects or personal interests. These are reality but, when they become overly important and the best interests of the team and its relationship to the organization begin to erode, the business also begins to diminish. Getting it back can become tantamount to business survival and success.

Engagement is an on-going process. Like exercising and developing a healthy life, it needs to be focused on daily, even moment to moment. There are many ways to create and maintain an engaged workforce: benefits, proper compensation, training, team building endeavors, being engaged yourself, incentives, acknowledgements and awards, etc. A more comprehensive approach is to begin to create a culture where interaction, peaceful connections and mutual support are the watch words—please click here to one of our articles on the subject.

Most important has been the creation of a communication and conversational platform that is known by all. In essence, it’s a language for conversation and interaction that makes it so much easier to interact, be on the same page, build teams that make things happen and create a peaceful, most productive environment. We have found that stress and pressure do not drive results we want. We want a focused, empowered, happy group of people who see challenges as fullfilling and doing it together as the only way to go. This language is based on the S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools technology outlined in the book, “Revolutionary Conversations™: The Tools You Need for the Success You Want.”

Conversations Making the Difference

As business owners, outside advisers, owner/managers and team members, we all want the best for our businesses, organizations, ourselves and our clients/customers. When it comes down to it, it’s always a group effort. What makes this joint process work? Being on the same page! To get on the same page, we must communicate, converse, dialogue and work together.

Rarely are great accomplishments achieved by just one. Most often, it takes a community to make things real and successful. For instance, when you look at a bestselling book, you see the author and creator of a great manuscript; behind the book and alongside this person is a whole team of people and businesses that made the book a reality: editor, book agent, publisher, graphics and book cover designer, book shepherd and many, many more. Why? They are all on the same page, focused on making the book a success; it’s a team effort that creates the reality. Is your team on the same page?

What stimulates and reinforces teams to make and achieve real success? Conversations geared to collaboration and meaningful interaction are the essential ingredients to bring people together to move forward in a synchronistic, cooperative way. How would you describe the effectiveness of your environment?

  • How connected are your team members to their job responsibilities? Are they excited and engaged in the business and where it’s going?
  • Are you retaining the talent you want and need? Are you losing people because of lack of enthusiasm, limited motivation and direction?
  • Has your productivity and effectiveness tapped out? Are you looking to stimulate your team to see and act on new ways to be more meaningful and valuable?
  • Is your team engaging, supporting and connecting with your clients/customers so that loyalty goes both ways and everyone achieves what they need and want at the highest levels?
  • How strong are your teams? Have you built a supportive, collaborative, proactive group of leaders who can and will move your business into the future most successfully?
  • Are you wondering what to do next?


The Book

Revolutionary Conversations™ is a multi-award-winning book that outlines a 5-step interactive process that enhances conversation and interaction in a simple, powerful, most effective way. Unlike other communication processes focused on an individual’s skills, thus creating the opportunity for competition not collaboration, the S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools are to be shared with others so that everyone knows how and where each is coming from. Because of basic simplicity – though to be effective, it requires training and practice – it allows for it to be a foundation of a common language, a set of protocols, that everyone can access. From a language perspective, everyone is on the same page; with everyone focused together on the same goals and philosophies, everything becomes much more productive in all areas of interaction.
Some testimonials from the book cover:

  • Unlike other change promoting programs that make use of stiff routines and non-intuitive wording, the Tools focus on...everyday language and interactions. This means a more natural flow…that doesn’t stop its participants dead with canned or contrived buzzwords” D. Donovan, e-book reviewer, MBR
  • “If we can’t communicate our thoughts and ideas, we won’t be successful. The S.H.A.R.E.™ model helps you make sure that what you want to say is actually heard.” Joyce Wycoff, author of Mindmapping, Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem Solving
  • “Even if your bookshelf is packed with business management and ‘how to’ leadership classics, you should read and apply the principles of Revolutionary Conversations™. If you want to motivate, inspire or collaborate with others, it is chock-full of ideas that will prove infectious.” Stephen J. Bonser, business writer


For more information on the Revolutionary Conversation™ book

Revolutionary Conversations™, LLC

Revolutionary Conversation™, LLC (“RC”) is an alliance partner with Stowe Management Corporation. It’s owned by Mark H. Fowler, Barbara Gaughen-Muller, Noal McDonald. It is a training and consulting firm focused on soft skills and personal development training that can make a major difference in the well-being and success of any business as well as contributing to everyone's personal skills for dealing with the real world.

RC supports Stowe by working with its clients to create the most effective teams and help individuals to achieve the most that they can for the organization and themselves. We have found that, when we integrate the assistance of Revolutionary Conversations™, LLC’s (especially in our more challenged client environments), the success factor is significantly enhanced and the needed time to be successful can be cut almost in half. This minimizes expenses in many areas as well as makes a more positive financial impact on the client’s business because they are back on the road sooner and in top shape. RC is invaluable to our clients.


Contact us to discover the unique and powerful options we have to offer. We have created collaborative tools and protocols that transcend solutions by going to another level of effectiveness, focusing on what is right and leveraging it to embrace and shift challenges, while maximizing the true value creation your business offers.