Succession Planning

Being ready for the future is important for the success of any business. By creating a holistic approach to succession planning, you and all stakeholders will be prepared for what comes next. At Stowe Management Corporation, our goal is to help you successfully through the transitional phases of your business. When you turn to us for your succession planning strategies, you will receive hands-on support for every situation. Schedule a consultation with us today for more on our options.

Forming Succession Planning Strategies

Change is inevitable. Whether an important member of the staff is retiring or there is a major organizational change coming, being prepared for the next step is essential to your success. Successful planning involves looking at the entire picture, finding the right people to grow with the business, preparing for contingencies, managing risks and adapting to change as it comes. We offer our business advisory services to make this process as easy as possible.

In today’s business world, having key succession planning strategies in place is important for every business owner. Planning involves more than working with owners or managers. The entire dynamic of change must be involved, including those changes within the team that have little or nothing to do with retirement: career changes, moving, personal goals, family matters, death, disability etc.

Connect with our team today to formulate the roadmap that works for you and your stakeholders. We work with you to create organizational structures that work for your business today, tomorrow and every day in the future.

Preparing for Transition

While many employees do not work for the same company for their entire career, your business likely has a number of long-term staff members who serve vital roles to the organization. As we know, key individuals do move on. As that happens, there are a great deal of considerations and challenges that need to be addressed. Most important is staying ahead of these transitions while understanding the fluidity of our lives and the lives of others. It is essential to speak with all individuals involved with retiring staff members, such as clients, customers, team members, and other professionals. Being engaged on many levels helps to maintain the integrity of the operational flow and the cohesiveness of the team.

By turning to us for an exit strategy business plan, you will take the right steps to facilitate change in your organization. We are available to assist your business, owners, and managers in creating the most appropriate and successful transition programs.

In some cases, a transition occurs both inside and outside of the business. This planning can include everything from reorganizing the company to preparing for it to be sold or merged into another business. As part of our services, we work closely with investment bankers, attorneys, and other professionals to help ensure a successful process.

Contact us to begin designing your approach. We make transitions and succession an empowering, more effective experience for all involved.