Crisis Management

All organizations must maneuver any number of developmental changes or phases; a crisis or a challenge can occur. Navigating through them is an art and one that many businesses do not have, thus requiring the needs of outside specialists. For challenging times, work with the professionals at Stowe Management Corporation. Our crisis management services are designed to help your organization survive trying moments while still achieving goals and growing for the future. By reaching out to us, you will have the right solutions in place for your business challenges. Schedule a consultation with us today to use our planning for every situation.

Cooperative Approach for Crisis Management

Challenges are just another part of the life cycle of any business. While it is normal to go through difficult times, it is important that you do not let these struggles adversely impact operations.

Engage all stakeholders to navigate developmental and challenging issues with a communication approach that works for everyone.  When you work with us, we take a complete look at all aspects involved in your business, whether the problem stems from accelerated growth, financial crisis critical succession planning or other issues.

Our team has delivered promising business advisory services to hundreds of organizations in troubled environments. Using our Transition Management™ model, we can assist you in achieving new levels of success. We find 3 different business situations of crisis management: challenged, established/mature, accelerated growth.

Challenged Businesses

It is normal for an organization to face stressful times. These common business challenges can include everything from weak cash flow, underutilized assets, low employee morale, poor succession planning and more. During these times, crisis planning is key. Our services have been used to help organizations across a range of industries to stabilize the organization, improve employee relations, secure additional capital, etc. We are happy to speak with you about what we can offer your business.

Case Study: Regional Distribution - Paper

By identifying untapped strengths of people in the business and products available, we were able to increase revenue by 15%. We also nearly doubled the value of the business over an 18-month period.

Established/Mature Companies

Common business challenges often involve more than financial issues and morale problems. Your organization could have stagnant growth, but good potential. We have helped businesses in this phase change their culture and increase their momentum. Our services have been used to change the customer perspective on products and improve internal processes to increase profitability.

Case Study: Post Production - TV & Film

When working with this business, we created a model that would help them grow from a new business platform to meet their goals. With our services, both sales , and the value of the business more than doubled, while we helped raise additional capital to fulfill future needs.

Accelerated Growth Businesses

Businesses facing growth can often be pushed in a number of different directions. While potential can be unlimited, there could be a need for resources and a new structure for growth. For these clients, we have been able to sustain future growth, improve use of resources, develop and implement long-term strategies for success.

Case Study: Specialty Music Business

We maximized creativity of the marketing department and the reputation of the business in the industry to double revenues. As a result, the business value quadrupled. This dramatic growth was achieved without the need to raise any additional capital.

Contact us to discover more on our unique approach for your business. Our team offers a series of services for organizations.